Department of Skill Education

Scheme of Studies (NSQF) 2018-2019 Secondary level (Class IX/X)

  Name of the subject Mark

Subject 1

Language 1


Subject 2

Language 2


Subject 3



Subject 4



Subject 5

Social Science


Subject 6 (additional )

Skill subject *


*If any student fails in any one of the three elective subjects (i.e, Science, Mathematics and Social Science), then it will be replaced by the Skill subject (offered as a 6th additional subject) and result of Class X Board Examination will be computed accordingly.

Under Co- Scholastic activities student opting Skill subject shall be exempted from work education or pre-Skill activities.

Further, If desired, Student may also opt language-3 as 7th optional subject along with Skill subject as 6th additional subject.

Scheme of Studies (with Skill Elective) 2018-2019

Senior Secondary Level (Class XI/XII)

Subject I

Language I :English or Hindi

Subject II

Language II : Language other than Language I
an elective subject from Academic Electives in lieu of Language II

Subject III, IV & V

Two elective subject from Academic Electives and one Skill subject from Skill Electives
One elective subject from Academic Electives and Two Skill subjects from Skill Electives
Three Skill subjects from Skill Electives

Subject VI - Additional Subject (optional)

one language at elective level or
one subject from Academic Electives or
any one subject from Skill Electives

(Subjects of internal assessment)

501-General Foundation Course 502-Physical and Health Education


  1. Out of the languages, one shall be English or Hindi, both English and Hindi can also be offered simultaneously.
  2. The same language can be offered only at one level i.e. Core/ Elective.
  3. The List of Skill Electives available is attached. Subjects as prescribed under Skill Courses are to be opted. However, Scheme of Studies may be referred.
  4. Physics (042) and Applied Physics (838 ) cannot be taken together
  5. Chemistry(043) and Applied Chemistry (839) cannot be taken together
  6. Mathematics(041) and Applied Mathematics (840) cannot be taken together
  7. Informatics Practice (065) cannot be taken with Information Technology (802) and Web Application (803).
  8. Business Studies (054) and Business Administrations (833) cannot be taken together.

To be offered from the Session 2018-19 (Class IX/XI)

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