Circulars- 2016

Circular No. Month
Acad-48/2016 November Omission of the section 4.1 given at page no. 168 in the textbook -India and the Contemporary World-I for Class IX published by NCERT
Acad-47/2016 December Availability of text material for Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) for classes IX & XI, 2017
Circular- English

Annexure-1: Guidelines to Teachers for OTBA
Annexure-2: Frequently asked Questions

Annexure-3:  Open Text Material for Class IX, 2017
Subject- English
Subject- Hindi
Mathematics -  English -  Hindi
Science -  English -  Hindi
Social Science -  English -  Hindi

Annexure-4:  Open Text Material for Class XI, 2017
Biology -  English -  Hindi
Economics -  English -  Hindi
Geography -  English -  Hindi
Acad-46/2016 November Constitution Day Quiz and Reading out of the Fundamental Duties as enshrined in Article 51-A
Acad-45/2016 November Celebration of Constitution Day on 26th November 2016
Acad-44/2016 November Celebration of National Education Day on 11th November 2016
Acad-43/2016 October Remembering Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for his contribution in nation building
Acad-42/2016 October Observing Vigilance Awareness Week, 2016 in schools
Acad-41/2016 October CBSE Expression Series on Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Acad-40/2016 October CBSE National Swimming Competitions 2016-17 for Inclusive Swimming
Acad-39/2016 September Celebration of Swachh Bharat Day-29th September, 2016
Acad-38/2016 September Curriculum of subject Social Science (087) for class IX (Term-II) Session 2016-17
Acad-37/2016 September Organization of CBSE Science Exhibition - 2016-17  |  Annexure-I  |  Annexure-II
Acad-36/2016 September CBSE Expression Series on Swachhta
Acad-35/2016 September Measures to reduce the weight of school bag in the schools affiliated to CBSE
Acad-34/2016 August Verification of Evidences of Assessment of Class IX/X students for Term-I of the Academic Session 2016-17 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-33/2016 August Conduct of Summative Assessment-I (School Based) for Classes IX and X (2016-2017)  |  English |  Hindi
Acad-32/2016 August The Question Paper Design in the Subject of Mathematics (Class XII) for the Board Examination 2017  |  SQP
Acad-31/2016 August CBSE Expression Series on Celebrating Our Independence Day |  English |  Hindi
Acad-30/2016 August CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad, 2016 |  English |  Hindi |  Brochure
Acad-29/2016 July World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2016  |  English |  Hindi |  Brochure |  General Rules 2016
Acad-28/2016 July National Conference on Examination Reforms for Inclusive Education on 23rd and 24th August, 2016  |  English |  Hindi |  Registration Form
Acad-27/2016 July CBSE Expression Series on Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak |  English |  Hindi
Acad-26/2016 July CBSE Heritage India Quiz - 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-25/2016 July Bridges For Exploration  |  English |  Hindi |  Book
Acad-24/2016 July Avishkar Quiz 2016 |  English |  Hindi |  Guidelines
Acad-23/2016 July IGNITE 2016 Competition |  English |  Hindi
Acad-22/2016 June CBSE Expression Series on Sh. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee) |  English |  Hindi
Acad-21/2016 June National ICT Award for School Teachers - 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-20/2016 June CBSE-WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz |  English |  Hindi
Acad-19/2016 June World Day Against Child Labour -2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-18/2016 May Let's Celebrate Nature 2016 |  English |  Hindi  |  Online Submission
Acad-17/2016 May Celebration of 2nd International Day of Yoga, 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-16/2016 May World Astronomy Day, 2016 |  English |  Hindi
Acad-15/2016 May Mapping of Guidance and Counseling Services in CBSE Affiliated Schools |  English |  Hindi  |  Online Submission Of Questionnaire
Acad-14/2016 April World No Tobacco Day- 2016  |  English |  Hindi |  Online submission
Acad-13/2016 April Use of NCERT/CBSE Textbooks |  English |  Hindi
Acad-12/2016 April CBSE Expression Series on Dr. B.R.Ambedkar  |  English |  Hindi
Acad-11/2016 April Training of Teachers on Managing Online Lab Resources |  English |  Hindi
Acad-10/2016 April CBSE CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CONTEST 2016 [CCCC-2016]  |  English |  Hindi
Acad-09/2016 March CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions 2016-17 |  Circular English |  Circular Hindi |  Annexure-I
Circular ::  English |  Hindi | Guidelines ::  English |  Hindi
Online Submission
Acad-07/2016 March Verification of Evidences of Assessment (EoA) of Class IX/X students for Term-II of the Academic Session 2015-2016  | English  |  Hindi
Acad-06/2016 February Instructions/Exemptions being extended to Differently Abled candidates for Class X and XII Examination  | English  |  Hindi
Acad-05/2016 January Summative Assessment-II (School based) for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2015-2016) |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-04/2016 January Expression Series on Mere Sapno ka Bharat (India of My Dreams) |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-03/2016 January Observance of Road Safety Week |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-02/2016 January Promotion of Healthy Snacks in Schools |  English  |  Hindi
Acad-01/2016 January CBSE Expression Series on Swami Vivekananda |  English  |  Hindi

Notifications- 2016

Notification No Month
34 December CBSE Heritage India Quiz-2016
33 December Test Material to conduct Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills for classes IX to XI in the academic session 2016-17
32 November Extension of last date for PCRA National Competitions 2016
31 November Rashtriya Ekta Saptah
30 October Vigilance Awareness Week
29 October XII Painting Competition on Energy Conservation
28 October Deferment of CBSE Heritage India Quiz-2016
27 October Extension of last date for PCRA National Competitions 2016
26 September Avishkar Quiz- October 2016 |  Guidelines
25 September Availability of Revised Formative Assessment Manuals
24 September Provisional list of selected candidates for Udaan Class XI (2016-17)
Annexure-I |  Annexure-II
23 September Mission For Achievement |  Online Submission
22 September International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer 2016
21 September XII Painting Competition on Energy Conservation
20 September 22nd National Annual Conference Of Sahodaya School Complexes - 2016
19 September Swachhata Pakhwada- Cleanliness Fortnight: 1st to 15th September, 2016 |  Online Link for Submission
18 September PCRA National Competitions 2016 |  English |  Hindi
17 August Independence Fortnight Celebration |  English |  Hindi
16 August Conduct of SA-I in Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (2016-17)
15 August Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan-A National Talent Search Examination
14 July Extension of window period to register and upload reports for Avishkar Quiz
13 July Notification:New Publications-CBSE e-Resource Books
12 July Notification:Inviting Articles For CENBOSEC
Misc. June Feedback of Teachers on Chemistry classes XI and XII
Misc. June Feedback of class XII Students on Chemistry.
11 June NOTIFICATION: ATAL TINKERING LABORATORIES IN SCHOOLS |  The last date of submission of online application for Atal Tinkering Laboratories is extended to 17th July, 2016.
10 May THE CBSE-TERI GREEN OLYMPIAD-2016 |  Annexure A
09 May Risks involved in playing with firecrackers
08 April The Beauty of Diversity- Release of Heritage Quiz Book :  Notification |  Heritage Quiz e-Book |  Feedback Form
07 April The Burden of Learning- Heavy Bags !
06 March Result of The 15th CBSE All India Heritage Quiz, 2015
05 February A message from the Hon'ble Prime Minister's address to students:Mann Ki Baat English |  Hindi
04 February Uploading of ASL Marks for Session 2015-16 |  English |  Hindi
03 January MASS PLEDGE CAMPAIGN(A National Student Engagement Initiative for Swachh Bharat Mission) |  English |  Hindi
02 January Extension of Window Period to conduct ASL for Session 2015-16 |  English |  Hindi
01 January National Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2015 - 16 |  English |  Hindi

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