What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?

Competency-based education (CBE) is an approach to teaching, learning, and assessment that focuses on the student’s demonstration of learning outcomes and attaining proficiency in particular competencies in each subject. Teaching which uses a CBE methodology works to empower students and provide them with a meaningful and positive learning experience. It places the learner at the center and actively engages them in the learning process. It emphasizes real-world applications of knowledge and skills and the authenticity of the learning experience.

Key Features of CBE approach

Equity for all students

Differentiated support based on students’ individual learning needs

Progress based on evidence of mastery rather than time in the classroom

The use of formative assessment, particularly peer and self-assessment, where students are encouraged to reflect on their own work and identify areas for improvement.

What does Competency-Based Education look like?

What are the benefits of Competency-Based Education?

CBE integrates higher order thinking skills, interdisciplinary approaches and problem-solving as these are essential to the modern world and workplace. Alongside social and emotional skills development and developing globally literacy and citizenship, the approach enables learners to be competent not only in the national context but also the international labour market.