Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership for Life Skills, Health & Wellbeing

An Emerging Paradigm

Peer Educators Programme - Empowering Students to become 'Life Skills and Wellbeing Ambassadors'

Vision Statement

To create happy healthy and harmonious schools of India facilitating conducive environment for developing essential Life Skills in all students and helping them evolve as Aware, Responsible, and Empowered citizens of the country by enhancing their knowledge, attitude, and skills.

Who is a Peer Educator?

1. Team Player

Enthusiasm and commitment for teamwork

2. Model for others

Ability to model and lead appropriate behavior for others

3. Knowledgeable and Sensitive

Zeal for knowledge and sensitivity towards health and wellbeing issues

Why Peer Education?

Peers as Good Listeners

Students suggest that teenagers are more likely to hear and personalize messages. Thus to change their attitudes and behaviors, they look towards the person who is similar to them and faces the same concerns and pressures.

Peers as Role Models

Peer education works on the premise that teenagers have leverage with their peers, the power of role modeling, and provide flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of today's adolescent.

Peers as Source of Information

Trained peer educators are a more credible source of information for some youth than are adult educators because they communicate in readily understandable ways and serve as positive role models.